Juha Raipola's existential horror book delves into the terrifying intersection of social media and demonic entities. Written with the assistance of ChatGPT, this novel-in-stories will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality.


Demonic Fragments: Horror from the AI Mind is a short story cycle published in December 2022 by Juha Raipola. The entire contents of the book were generated using ChatGTP, a language model that uses machine learning to generate human-like text for various applications.

ChatGTP is a large language model developed by OpenAI. It is trained on a vast amount of text data and is designed to generate human-like text, with the goal of being able to hold meaningful conversations with humans. In Demonic Fragments, Juha Raipola showcases the potential of the AI tool for writing horror fiction and social satire.

Rather than following a traditional narrative structure, the book is structured more like the experience of browsing the internet or through someone's files, with the story unfolding through a variety of texts and genres, including YouTube videos, branding proposals, ad scripts, guidelines, sensationalist news stories, and standalone horror stories. As the reader navigates through these diverse materials, they may begin to notice common themes and storylines emerging, creating a cohesive and engaging reading experience that blurs the lines between fiction and the real world.

The book consists of over 100 very short chapters that include all kinds of weird and demonic texts such as:

  • Author’s introduction (written by ChatGPT)

  • A pseudo-academic prologue about the intersection of demonology and social media

  • 4 very short cosmic horror stories

  • Number of other (very) short horror stories

  • Some ads for the existential and occult sponsors of the book

  • ”Cthulhu Files”: random notes and guidelines belonging to Cthulhu’s personal, professional, and health-related collections

  • Episodes of the Azathoth and Cthulhu show on YouTube (including, among other things Cthulhu’s morning routine video, and a reaction to human sacrifice)

  • Cthulhu on Joe Rogan’s podcast

  • Number of sensationalist clickbait news stories about celebrities and their relationship to Cthulhu

  • All sorts of material related to the TV show "The Book of Job: Reality Edition"

  • Branding and ad material for the Midnight Shadows occult beauty brand

  • A compelling wellness story about the benefits of eating small rocks

  • Liberal voices asking for a more inclusive understanding of demonology and magic

  • A monologue for the launch of dead Adolf Hitler’s YouTube channel, and a reactionary news article bemoaning its inevitable banning

  • Ajatar’s TikTok LIVE video & other material related to her online career as a connoisseur of human death

  • Neoliberal Death Podcast: how the deceased can serve as a tool for personal gain

  • Intermission: The Top 5 Silliest Horror Animals

  • Branding material and copies for Baphomet’s different product lines, and reviews for the Baphomet Spa

  • Various materials about Lilith and her cooperation with Midnight Shadows (includes the entire User Manual for the Midnight Shadows Lilith Summoning Instrument)

  • Memos, how-tos, guidelines and other material relating to life in Hell and in Purgatory

  • Pitch for an existential horror sitcom

  • Different kinds of material relating to demon Azazel and his burnout

  • A plan for the reorganization and rebranding of Hell, including the hiring of a new CEO

  • A speech of the POTUS where he admits that major conspiracy theories about the Democratic party are true

  • An announcement from the White House about the status of the president

  • An announcement from the boards of Twatter, SpaceXXX, etc. about the status of their CEO Anon Dust

  • Two Twatter threads featuring Anon Dust and his new business plans as he is possessed by Cthulhu

  • An eulogy written by Cthulhu

  • A film treatment written by Cthulhu and a very negative review of the finished film

  • A script for an episode of existential marijuana comedy.

  • ChatGPT’s (non-)apology to conservative readers

  • One positive and one negative review of the book